Get Paid 1k A Week by Copying & Pasting Text

Get Paid 1k A Week by Copying & Pasting Text

I just found a crazy new secret that you can use to make $1,000 online per week simply by copying and pasting text. This brand new strategy is already generating thousands of dollars for regular people every single day.

The best part about what I’m going to show you is it’s completely free—there’s zero upfront investment needed, and no previous experience or previous skills required to do this. You can get started with it today…

Now before I get started, this is not going to be some scammy side hustle that takes you around in circles and never actually ends up working.

What I’m going to show you is a real step-by-step strategy that you can easily follow to create a long-term online income stream that can literally change your life. Sounds good?

Let’s get right to it.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is to open a blank Google Doc Page. You can do this by going to and then select a blank document.

If you’ve never used Google Docs before, don’t worry because it’s completely free, and you can easily create a new account by going to

Once you have your Google Doc account created, open up a blank Google document on your screen and keep it open, because we’ll need it later for…

Utilizing Temu for Affiliate Income

For step number two, we’re going to use a site called Temu. If you’re not familiar with Temu, it’s a new and upcoming online shopping app that’s somewhat similar to Amazon. Now, don’t worry—we’re not going to be selling any products on Temu. I actually have a much easier way to make money online with this app, which doesn’t require you to buy or sell anything at all.

Let me explain.

Just like Amazon, Temu has an affiliate program that you can join to promote products for a commission. However, where Temu stands out against Amazon is in their commission payout structure. Amazon’s affiliate program only pays out a small percentage commission to their affiliates, making it hard to make money with their program; on average, Amazon only pays out 2 to 3% commission.

In contrast, Temu pays out a huge 20% commission to all of their affiliates. But what’s even better is you can earn additional bonus commissions just by people installing the app. Temu will pay you a $3 reward every time someone just downloads and logs into the app—they don’t even have to buy anything, which is something Amazon does not offer.

On top of that, they allow you to make up to $100,000 every single month. Now, I’m not saying this is what everyone is going to make—obviously, this is a best-case scenario—but there are regular people easily making five figures every single month by promoting Temu and their products.

When you log in to Temu, you look on the left side of the screen; there’s a ticker that shows live payouts that people like you and me are receiving right now.

Becoming a Temu Affiliate

Let’s continue with this tutorial. The next thing you need to do is to sign up to become an affiliate for Temu with this link to join their program, and follow the prompts to create your account. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to move on to step number three. Now, this step is very important—maybe the most important step of this entire tutorial—so make sure you’re paying attention.

To make money with your Temu account, you need a way to tell people about it so that they know to come over to Temu and purchase products through your affiliate links. The easiest and most effective way to do this is by posting written content like articles and blog posts.

Temu Affiliate

Why I recommend this type of content because it’s a completely faceless way to get your ideal audience’s attention. Now, I know what you’re thinking: you don’t want to write these articles yourself. But you don’t have to worry about that because I’m going to show you how to use the power of AI to write perfect money-making articles for you with just a few clicks.

To get started, head over to the website ChatGPT. This will take you right to the AI tool called Chat GPT. Why we’re using Chat GPT for this step is because it’s completely free to use and it’s the most powerful AI tool out there right now, meaning it will do 99% of the work for you and it costs absolutely nothing to do it.

The way you do this is by entering specific written instructions called prompts. Every time you give ChatGPT a prompt, it will give you a corresponding response. Whether you’ve used ChatGPT before or you’re a complete AI beginner, I’m going to give you my exact prompts that will instruct ChatGPT to write perfect money-making articles for you. All you have to do is copy and paste. These prompts are perfectly written articles that will redirect people back to our Temu affiliate products and that is what will generate income for you.

The first thing you need to do is type this exact prompt into your ChatGPT prompt box:
Prompt: pretend you’re an expert author that specializes in writing online articles. I need you to help me brainstorm article ideas for the [topic] niche. Please create a table that includes the following information in separate columns: 1. Niche 2. Target Audience 3. List of appealing Topics.

What you’re doing with this specific prompt is asking ChatGPT to come up with article ideas for you based on your specific niche and target audience. This is very important so that your article targets the right people.

Crafting Your Content with ChatGPT

Identifying Your Niche

Before you tell ChatGPT to get started, you need to enter your specific niche into the prompt so that ChatGPT knows what response to write for you. If you’re wondering what niche and audience to enter, it will depend on the products you choose to promote from Temu. For example, if you choose to promote lures, specifically “Soft Plastic Swimbaits for Crappie Fishermen,” this would target anglers who want lures that closely resemble crappie prey. You can literally pick any category or product you like from the Temu website, and this approach will work no matter which one you choose.

Generating Article Ideas

Here are 12 niche groups Some listed products to inspire you:****

  1. 1pc 115mm minnow fishing lureFishing: Freshwater lure for pike, carp, etc.
  2. 1pc led flashlightOutdoor Gear: Compact, rechargeable flashlight for camping.
  3. Kodak micro sd memory cardElectronics: Budget-friendly, high-capacity microSD card.
  4. T6 aerial droneElectronics: Beginner-friendly drone with obstacle avoidance.
  5. Plus size casual top womensClothing: Plus-size, floral print tank top.
  6. Men’s blade sneakersClothing: Budget-friendly, lightweight running shoes.
  7. Curren business men’s watchFashion Accessories: Affordable, multifunctional wristwatch.
  8. Truck air hornAutomotive Accessories: Loud air horn for trucks and large vehicles.
  9. Trendy solid cargo pantsClothing: Men’s loose-fit cargo pants for outdoor activities.
  10. Women’s knitted cut sandalsClothing: Affordable, casual sandals.
  11. Butterfly flower pu faux leather zipper wallet casePhone Accessories: Budget-friendly phone case with wallet functionality for various iPhone models.
  12. Dash camera front and insideCar Accessories: Budget-friendly dash cam with dual recording for front and inside car.

Once you’ve selected your category or niche and activated ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence, you’ll receive several great ideas that you can use to write your articles.

Creating Engaging Titles

But before instructing ChatGPT to write the actual article, first, you need an engaging title that will capture your ideal viewer’s attention so they’ll actually stop and read your article. To get ChatGPT to create a great title, you need to enter another prompt and paste the topic from the ideas generated with the first Prompt.

Prompt2 [Thanks now please create 10 attention grabbing titles for an article on the topic [enter topic here from first Prompt]. make sure that the title has high CTR potential and precisely describes the problem the reader is trying to solve or result they’re trying to achieve.]

Writing the Article

Finally, to get ChatGPT to write your article, you’ll copy and paste another prompt. This specific prompt includes all of the instructions needed to get ChatGPT to write a perfect affiliate article for you. Once you enter the prompt, update it with a little, bit of information from the previous response, this time, you need to add a title so that ChatGPT knows what you want it to write your article about. When ChatGPT is done writing the article, you simply copy the entire thing.

Prompt3 [Great. Now please write a highly engaging easy to read article about the following title:[title from Prompt2]. the article must include a strong hook & intro that grabs attention & introduces the problem, it must include objective handling, open loops, and a concise explanation to solve the problem from the title. this style must be: conversational the tone must be: friendly]

Paste the article in the Google Docs you opened back in step one, and now it’s time to add affiliate links to your article so that you can get paid. This article will redirect readers to Temu to purchase your affiliate products. Now you can see with the right sequence of prompts how you can use AI to write an entire article for you without having to spend hours researching or writing it yourself.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Now, before we move on, I want to explain exactly what we’re doing for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet: the process I’m showing you is one of many ways to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is how I’ve personally been able to make over six figures online.

It’s the process where you promote other people’s or business’s products online and then they pay you a commission every time someone buys one of their products through your affiliate link. I’m showing you how to take products from the Temu website, promote them to a specific audience using articles, and then every time someone reads your article, clicks on your affiliate link within that article, and makes a purchase on Temu, you get paid a commission.

Integrating Affiliate Links into Your Article

Finalizing Your Article

To ensure your affiliate marketing efforts are effective, the first step is to finalize your article in your Google Doc. Make sure the formatting is correct, and there aren’t any obvious errors or unnecessary texts. Remove special characters and words that don’t contribute to your message. Your article must be easy to read, as clarity can significantly impact reader trust and engagement.

Proofreading for Accuracy and Flow

Carefully read through your article to ensure it makes sense. If your audience encounters errors or unclear information, they may lose trust in the content, and will not be clicking on your affiliate links.

Adding Calls to Action (CTAs)

Incorporate compelling CTAs throughout your article to guide readers towards taking action. These CTAs should be strategically placed to catch attention without overwhelming the reader.

Here are some example CTAs for the fishing niche:

  • Curiosity-Driven CTA: “Unlock Your Fishing Potential: Explore Our Top 10 Fishing Products!”
  • Time-Sensitive CTA: “Limited Time Offer: Shop Our Top 10 Fishing Products Before They’re Gone!”
  • Achievement-Focused CTA: “Click Here to Land Your Next Trophy: Shop 2024’s Best Fishing Gear!”
  • Deal-Focused CTA: “Click Here to Score a Deal on Your Next Catch: Shop Our Top 10 Fishing Products Before They’re Gone!”

To make these CTAs stand out, format them in bold, underline them, or increase their font size slightly.

Making CTAs Clickable

To turn your CTAs into effective affiliate tools, make them clickable by adding your unique Temu affiliate links:

  1. Highlight the CTA in your Google Doc.
  2. Click on the hyperlink button at the top of the document.
  3. Paste your Temu affiliate link in the popup box that appears.

Temu Link

Selecting Products and Earning Commissions

Log into your Temu affiliate account and navigate to the “Pick and Share” section to select products relevant to your article’s topic or niche. Temu displays potential earnings per product, helping you understand what you’ll earn per sale. For example, if a product pays $6.99 per sale, and 100 people buy through your affiliate link, you would earn $699 from that article alone.

Temu Share

Realistic Earnings Potential

While this strategy shows great potential, it’s essential to set realistic expectations. If properly executed, you could earn up to $2,700 per month from a single well-performing article. Remember, the success of this method depends on the quality of your articles, the effectiveness of your CTAs, and the relevance of the products to your audience.

Publishing and Driving Traffic Through Medium

Setting Up Your Medium Account

To begin driving traffic to your affiliate articles, create a free account on Medium by visiting Sign up by clicking the appropriate button and following the simple registration process.

Preparing to Post

Once your account is ready, log in and click the “Write” button to start a new post. Copy the title and body of your completed article from your Google Doc and paste them into Medium. Place the title at the top, followed by the body containing your affiliate links.

Humanizing Your AI-Generated Content

Before publishing, it’s critical to ensure your article doesn’t appear as AI-generated, which could violate Medium’s content policies. Use an online tool like Phrasly AI to convert your AI-generated text into a more human-like format. Copy your article into Phrasly AI, click “humanize,” and then double-check to ensure no AI-generated content is detectable.

Why Use Phrasly AI?

quick disclaimer, Phrasly AI is not a free app, but let me explain why I recommend it and why I personally use it myself. There are free humanizer apps out there, but the problem with the free version is that it limits you to 100 words peruse, and most articles are 400 to 1000 words See my Point. And Phrasly AI allows you to humanize your article in seconds, which means you can make money as quickly as possible.

Final Preparations Before Publishing

After humanizing your text:

  • Copy the revised content back into your Medium draft.
  • Format the article to improve readability and engagement. This includes enlarging headings, adding images, bolding, and underlining CTAs and affiliate links.
  • Ensure all CTAs and affiliate links are correctly linked and functional by hovering over them to see the URL.

Publishing on Medium

To publish:

  1. Click the publish icon at the top of the screen, leading to a preview page.
  2. Add up to five relevant topics or keywords that describe your article’s content. This helps Medium show your article to the appropriate audience.
  3. Decide whether to publish immediately or schedule the post for later.

By carefully selecting keywords and ensuring your content is compelling, you increase the likelihood that your target audience will discover and engage with your article, click your affiliate links, and make purchases.

Conclusion: Leveraging AI for Affiliate Marketing

This complete guide has outlined how you can leverage the power of AI to generate income online without extensive writing effort. By following these steps, you can effectively use Medium to reach a vast audience and earn commissions through affiliate marketing.

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