Is Building an Online Business a Scam? My Honest Journey (Lessons Learned!)

Is Building an Online Business a Scam?

Building an online business can be super exciting, right? For a while there, I was chasing that dream too, fueled by all these articles and courses promising magic formulas. Let me tell you, there’s no shortcut to success, but I learned some valuable lessons the hard way that can hopefully save you some time and money.

My $30,000 Stumble

So, back in late 2023, I invested a big chunk of change (around $30,000!) in a program that promised to make me rich in the drop shipping world using social media marketing. They even threw in a domain name, website build, and some social media content. Seemed too good to be true, right? Well, it kind of was.

The training focused on these outdated social media tactics that just didn’t cut it anymore. Sure, the training itself wasn’t awful, but it didn’t give me the skills I needed to keep up with the ever-changing online marketing game. Following their system got me exactly zero results. Frustrated and feeling broke, I knew I had to find a better way.

(Don’t fall for the robot salesman!)

I kept searching for real ways to win online. One day, I saw this ad with a robot voice telling me he was building a website that would make tons of money selling affiliate products. All I had to do was drive traffic to it. Sounded amazing, so I signed up. They registered a domain, built some landing pages, and then…the plot twist.

They hit me with a “coaching call” about a much more expensive website (the whole $30,000 one I mentioned). They played on my desire to get out of debt and convinced me to open a bunch of credit card accounts to pay for it all. While I was busy working social media for their “magic” website (that never made a dime), they told me to cancel the first domain I got for affiliate stuff.

Building for the Long Haul

Discouraged but not defeated, I kept looking for legit ways to make it online. That’s when I stumbled upon Blog Profit Network (BPN) through a YouTube video. What I loved about BPN was their focus on:

  • Real-world strategies: No pushing expensive tools or outdated tactics here. They teach practical stuff that works in today’s online marketing world.
  • Using what you already have: Forget expensive website builders. BPN teaches you to leverage established domains that already have ranking with search engines. This was huge for me since finding a profitable niche was my biggest hurdle.
  • Free training: They offer valuable free training on relevant topics so you can see their strategies in action before you commit.

Seeing Results with BPN

Since joining BPN, I’ve actually started to see progress with two of my websites! Look, I’m not rolling in Lambo money yet, but it’s a major win compared to my previous experience.

The Golden Takeaway

BPN has been a game-changer for my online business journey. Their focus on practical, adaptable strategies and free training sets them apart. It might not be an overnight success thing, but they equip you with the skills and knowledge to build a business that actually lasts.

My advice to you? Do your research, avoid programs with pie-in-the-sky promises, and focus on learning valuable skills. Building a successful online business takes time and effort, but with the right approach and the right tools, you can totally crush your goals!

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